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How to use carbon fiber fins correctly?

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At present, there are three main materials that can be used to make freestyle diving fins: thermoplastic, glass fiber and carbon fiber. Among them, the best performance, the most popular, and the most expensive are carbon fiber fins.

What are the steps to wear fins?

First, completely submerge the foot cover of the fin in water. Make sure water gets into the boots.

Then, wet your feet and neoprene socks with water.Afterwards, with the foot wrap firmly in place, lather the foot or neoprene sock with soap or water.

Finally, the flippers can be put on.


What problems should be paid attention to when wearing and maintaining such expensive carbon fiber fins?

·Avoid hitting sharp or hard objects underwater, the tips of the fins are especially vulnerable to damage

· Properly enter the water, do not jump into the water

·Avoid falling from high places or hitting with heavy objects, so that it will be subject to strong impact

·In the swimming pool, make sure to execute the turn correctly, with both legs simultaneously and evenly pushing away from the pool wall to turn around

·Make sure to use the correct fin kicking technique

·Avoid pushing against the water with the edge or tip of the fin as it may break

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