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How to treat the surface of carbon fiber rollers?

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        The most common surface treatment method for carbon fiber rollers is spray painting, and the spray painting process must be continuously interspersed with the above-mentioned roughing and finishing procedures. Generally, the procedures are spraying (first pass), rough grinding, spraying (second pass), Rough grinding, fine turning, and fine grinding are performed in this order.

        During the painting process, metal turnbuckles are needed to fix both ends of the carbon fiber roller on the inner core of the metal roller, which is completed through automated painting equipment and manual operation. After the paint is sprayed, it needs to be leveled for 15 to 20 minutes before entering the drying room for drying. The surface of the initially sprayed paint is undulating, rich in volatile components, and has strong fluidity. After a certain period of time, the surface of the paint becomes smooth through micro-flow, and the volatile components in the entire layer can evaporate in large quantities and evenly, which can prevent the paint from spraying. Bubbles, flow and deformation. After the paint is leveled, the carbon fiber roller is baked at different temperatures and times according to the actual conditions of the product. Since carbon fiber rollers require very high precision, any fine dust may have a significant impact, so the entire painting and leveling process needs to be carried out in a clean room.

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