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How to perform precision polishing on the surface of carbon fiber?

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For precision polishing of carbon fiber board, 2.5 can be used μ M diamond suspension or diamond grinding paste, accompanied by 1 μ M alumina suspension for two polishing passes.

The main process of using diamond suspension polishing is to first use 2.5 μ M diamond suspension is sprinkled on a medium fluffy woolen cloth, and emulsified lubricant is added. Polishing is carried out on a polishing machine with a speed of 200-250r/min for 2-3 minutes until all rough polishing scratches are eliminated. After polishing, the polishing surface is cleaned with water or a solution containing cleaning agent.

When using 1 μ When the alumina suspension is subjected to subsequent polishing, the suspension should be evenly poured onto a long fluffy cloth, and an appropriate amount of lubricant should be added for polishing. Use a polishing machine with a speed of 100-150r/min to polish for 3-5 minutes, and also clean the polished surface with water or a solution containing cleaning agent after polishing.

After precise polishing, the surface of carbon fiber board should be bright and traceless, and the pore condition on the surface of carbon fiber can be truly reflected under a 100x microscope. It is required that there should be no small scratches or tail dragging, otherwise it should be re polished.

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