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How to paint carbon fiber tubes?

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        Carbon fiber products can be painted to change their appearance. In fact, spray paint can not only color, but also play some protective role, mainly against corrosion problems. The steps for spray painting carbon fiber products are as follows:

        1. Use sandpaper, equipment or other grinding tools to polish the surface of carbon fiber products to eliminate excess particles on the surface and keep the surface smooth.

        2. Wash with water, and then wipe away the water stains on the surface of the carbon fiber with a dry cloth.

       3. Put the dried carbon fiber product into the oven and bake it at 80 degrees for about 5 minutes to ensure that the water is completely evaporated.

       4. Design the walking path of the spray gun according to different surface shapes to ensure that the paint surface is uniform and textured. Do not spray too much to cause paint to flow.

      5. Spray painting is not just done once. There are different types of spray paint, including primer, color paint, and surface transparent paint. Once sprayed, it needs to be baked once. (120 degrees for 15 minutes, the last layer for more than 30 minutes)

       6. After the painting is completed, if there are still paint particles or other defects on the surface, it needs to be polished to keep it smooth.

      Spray painting of carbon fiber tubes can improve the aging resistance of the surface, but whether to spray clear water paint or color paint depends on actual needs. The clear water paint can better show the black color of the carbon fiber and make it look more classy. The color paint matches other parts to make it integrated and looks more orderly.

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