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How to optimize the performance of carbon fiber products

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              Carbon fiber products have the characteristics of light weight and high performance, but in practical applications, the selection of matrix materials, material structure design and manufacturing process have an important impact on the performance of carbon fiber parts.

             The carbon fiber material itself has very good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The performance difference of carbon fiber composite material comes from the matrix part, mainly because different resin matrix causes different performance of the finished parts. Some products are used in rail cars, and must maintain flame retardant properties and low emission rates of smoke gas in the event of fire, violent collision and other emergencies. FUTURE will use resin with high temperature resistance and good flame retardant properties as the matrix material of carbon fiber products to improve the safety of such parts.

              Some parts need to withstand harsh natural environment pressure for a long time, such as robotic arms, sucker rods, drones, etc. The selection of appropriate matrix materials can also effectively reduce the negative effects caused by corrosion and temperature changes, and delay carbon fiber products. performance decay rate.


               Compared with metal materials, the failure mechanism and mechanical properties of carbon fiber products under larger loads are much more complicated. Therefore, the corresponding structural design must be made according to the actual application requirements. For example, in the preparation of aircraft parts, carbon fiber composite materials often need to be used in combination with metal materials; when the parts require a large area and a large volume, carbon fiber composite materials can be sandwiched with other materials.

              The treatment of the carbon fiber composite interface also has a direct impact on the overall performance of the finished product. To avoid or reduce interface problems as much as possible, it is necessary to consider the design and control of the interface during the production process. Carbon fiber composite materials are composed of resin matrix and carbon fiber reinforcement. There is an interface problem of bonding between carbon fiber precursors and matrix resin, and carbon fiber products are often made of multi-layer carbon fiber composite materials. There is a bonding interface between the layers.

               Carbon fiber products will also be used in connection with some metal parts in applications, and new bonding interfaces will also appear. This kind of interface from the inside to the outside will cause different problems such as interface delamination and cracks under the complex working environment and large load or pressure.

               Most carbon fiber parts need to withstand different pressures such as compression, tension, torsion, and bending. It is not enough to have high mechanical properties in the direction of carbon fiber. Therefore, how to design the layup plan of carbon fiber composite materials is particularly important. FUTURE generally optimizes process details such as cutting and laying of carbon fiber prepregs to further improve the performance and quality of parts.

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