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How to make carbon fiber special-shaped tubes

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1. Cut prepreg

According to the drawing of the special-shaped pipe, make an estimate of the material, and then cut the prepreg.

2. Clean the mold surface

Clean the mold surface in advance to ensure there is no dust, then heat the mold and apply release agent.

3.Lay up prepreg

Calculate the number of layers based on the thickness of the heterogeneous pipe, and determine the angle of the layers based on performance requirements. The prepreg is then laid up over the mandrel. Each layer must be wrapped tightly, and the right-angle positions must be compacted with tools, and then the entire prepreg must be compacted with a press to prevent bubbles and delamination.

4. Special-shaped area processing

Special-shaped pipes are prone to gaps at right angles, diameter changes, etc., so special treatment is required.

5. Mold sealing treatment

If the upper and lower molds are closed, they are locked with bolts; if air bags are used for molding, they are then vacuumed.

6. Forming

Put the sealed prepreg and outer mold into the hot pressing equipment and perform high temperature and high pressure treatment to form the pipe.

7. Processing

After demoulding, the carbon fiber special-shaped pipe needs to be polished and painted to ensure a smooth and smooth surface.

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