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How to maintain carbon fiber bikes?

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      Theprice of a carbon fiber bicycle is about 5,000 yuan, and the price of a brand bike with better quality control is tens of thousands. It is quite distressing if it is damaged. Doing a good job in daily maintenance and checking before riding long distances will not only extend the overall life, but also ensure the safety of riding.

      So how to perform daily maintenance on carbon fiber bicycles?

1. Avoid collision or overload

     Carbon fiber materials are very stiff and brittle. During daily riding, if a serious collision or overload occurs, the carbon fiber composite material will suffer from fracture and delamination problems, and the overall structural function will be completely lost.

2. No exposure to the sun

      The main component of carbon fiber bicycles is PAN-based carbon fiber, which is fully infiltrated and fused with carbon fiber strands and a resin matrix. The melting point of the resin matrix is between 150 and 250°C. Carbon fiber bicycles have a certain ability to withstand high temperatures, but if the local temperature is too high, although the frame will not melt, it will accelerate aging and affect its service life.

3. Regular cleaning:

      If a bicycle is ridden for a long time, it will definitely get a lot of dirt, oil, etc., so you can use some detergent to clean the surface. It is recommended to use a cleaning agent that does not harm epoxy resin, such as summer orange oil, etc., which will not damage or corrode the car body.

4. Use professional anti-slip agent

      Frames and parts on carbon fiber bikes have less torque, but can slip easily. When adjusting the seat post and handlebar before daily riding, it is not recommended to tighten them vigorously. Instead, apply anti-slip agent to the tightening parts to increase friction and prevent slipping.

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