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How to cut carbon fiber tubes

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The processing of carbon fiber tubes involves several processes, and one of them is cutting. So, how to cut carbon fiber tubes? What are the methods?

4 methods for cutting carbon fiber tubes:

1.Water Jet Cutting: Water jet cutting uses a high-pressure water jet for cutting. When water jet cutting carbon fiber tubes, it is essential to note that the tube wall cannot be too thick, and the operator needs to have a higher level of skill.

2.Ultrasonic Cutting: Ultrasonic cutting is a new technology that utilizes ultrasonic energy for cutting carbon fiber tubes. The cut edges produced in this method are clean and precise with little damage. It also supports mass production, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively costly.

3.Laser Cutting: Laser cutting uses high-temperature effects created by laser condensation points to complete the cutting process. If laser cutting is chosen to cut carbon fiber tubes, a high-powered laser cutter should be selected. Carbon fiber tubes are not resistant to high temperatures, and long-term high-temperature baking can affect their performance. A high-power laser cutting machine can quickly complete the cutting but may leave burn marks on the edges.

4.Mechanical Cutting: Mechanical cutting of carbon fiber tubes is commonly used, including cutting by grinding machines and machine tools. The key point of this cutting method is speed!

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