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How to connect carbon fiber and metal components?

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4 ways to connect carbon fiber to metal components

 1. Gluing:

          Gluing is the most basic way to connect carbon fiber components and metal components, which is to add suitable structural glue between the two to fix them. Before gluing, some preparation work needs to be done. The connection between the carbon fiber component and the metal component is cleaned to remove surface impurities, and then polished to improve the surface roughness to make the bonding more stable.

2. Mechanical connection

          Mechanical connection is a commonly used method for connecting metal materials, such as threaded connection and rivet connection. This method can transmit larger loads, has better resistance to peeling, and can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled, but it will increase the overall weight of the component. For connecting carbon fiber and metal, this method is difficult to operate: firstly, carbon fiber has high stiffness and is troublesome to process; in addition, tapping carbon fiber components is difficult and is not an ideal connection method.

3. Hybrid connection

          The rational application of the two processes of mechanical connection and adhesive connection can effectively improve the tightness of the connection and reduce the difficulty of operation. It is currently the most used method.

4. Buried in advance

         In some special cases, the connection between carbon fiber and metal cannot achieve the expected effect. At this time, it can also be pre-embedded. In the process of making carbon fiber components, metal parts are put into carbon fiber prepreg and the two become a whole. This connection method is more effective, but it is also more difficult and the investment cost is higher.

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