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How should carbon fiber dragon boat paddles be purchased?

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       Carbon fiber (CF) is a new fiber material with high strength and high elastic modulus fiber containing more than 95% carbon content. Carbon fiber has many excellent properties. Carbon fibers have high axial strength and modulus, low density, high specific performance, no creep, high temperature resistance and good fatigue resistance in non-oxidizing environments.              Therefore, compared with traditional wooden dragon boat paddles, carbon fiber dragon boat     paddles are lighter in weight and stronger, so they are becoming more and more popular.      Meanwhile, there are many kinds of manufacturers on the market, but they are mainly divided into three types: integrated paddles, split paddles and telescopic paddles.Carbon fiber dragon boat paddles are mainly divided into one paddle, split paddle and telescopic paddle.



        Integrated paddle: To put it bluntly, the paddle and the rod are integrally formed in the abrasive tool, and it means one paddle when it comes out of the abrasive tool. One-piece paddles have many advantages, the most outstanding performance is the light weight, only about 320 grams, and the paddle shaft is oval, which feels better! The paddle board can only be flat and small water, and there is no small water.

         The paddle board and the rod are manufactured separately, and then they are assembled with epoxy resin glue after they are manufactured separately. The paddle rod is a ring shape. The advantages of split propellers are high efficiency in production and manufacturing. Due to low cost, the market price is also low, and the compressive strength is not discounted, which is equally durable. The defect is slightly heavy, good manufacturers can guarantee up to 360g, usually 430g or even a large amount. Round rods are not as comfortable as elliptical rods, but are worse than elliptical rods in terms of cost performance.

           The length of the carbon fiber dragon boat paddle can be retracted, and the length can be appropriately adjusted according to the needs of different people to meet the needs of more people. Split paddles and integrally formed paddles can be made into telescopic paddles. The paddle board can choose a flat plate, a large water separation, and a small water separation.

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