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How is the carbon fiber U-shaped tube produced?

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         Carbon fiber composite materials have very good designability and can be used to produce and process carbon fiber products of various shapes. Carbon fiber U-shaped tubes are typical of them.

          Using the drawing software, input parameters such as the length, diameter, wall thickness, and bending angle of the U-shaped pipe one by one to obtain an ideal design plan, and then communicate with the workers to clarify whether it is feasible.

          To produce carbon fiber U-shaped tubes, it is necessary to customize a set of special mandrels, based on which mandrels are used to create U-shaped tubes that meet the requirements.

           The carbon fiber prepreg is laid according to a reasonable angle and thickness. After applying the release agent on the surface of the mandrel, put the prepreg into it and compact it, and use the inner core or air bag to make the hollow part of the U-shaped tube. After the upper and lower mandrels are fully compacted, they are placed in a hot press for heating, pressurization, and curing to obtain a preliminarily formed carbon fiber U-shaped tube.

            Use specific equipment to process the surface of the carbon fiber U-shaped tube, remove blemishes, clean the surface, spray paint, and polish the precision, and finally a carbon fiber U-shaped tube that truly meets the design requirements can be obtained.

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