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How is a carbon fiber ship formed?

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    Carbon fiber composite materials are extremely corrosion-resistant and fatigue-resistant, and are particularly suitable for applications in complex environments. They can greatly reduce the maintenance costs of corroded ship hulls, such as water jet channels, flanges and hull plates. Among them, the anti-corrosion properties can make the paint effect last longer and reduce paint maintenance costs; the anti-fatigue properties make the carbon fiber boat last longer and have a high second-hand value.

       Under the action of vacuum environment and resin, the carbon fiber changes from soft cloth to hard plate, and is combined with the core material and attached to the surface of the three-dimensional mold, forming a reliable carbon fiber sandwich structure in one go.


     Slotted core

     The thickness is very large, but the weight is significantly light, and the density is less than 2% of the density of steel.

     Carbon fiber layup

     Withstand extremely high tensile loads with very thin plies

     High toughness resin

     By milling and grooving the surface of the core material,

The resin fully flows and infiltrates the interface between fiber and core material

       High precision mold

      High precision mold guarantee

     Made of carbon fiber cloth,Ensure that the produced structure meets the design requirements

     Sandwich structure

    PVC core material, tree composed of lipids

    High strength structure

    Hull assembly

   Through hand paste and game

    Internal vacuum diversion, structural adhesive bonding, etc. are used to assemble the hull structure

   High strength, lightweight, streamlined hull structure

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