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How high temperature can carbon fiber tubes withstand?

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Carbon fiber is a new material that is currently widely used. It has a series of advantages such as lightweight, high strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good designability, and compound ability. It is currently used in many high-tech manufacturing fields. Carbon fiber is generally prepared in an environment up to about 3000 degrees Celsius; in an oxygen-free environment, the performance will decrease at about 1500 degrees Celsius, so carbon fiber itself has obvious advantages in high-temperature resistance. But it cannot be used directly as a material, and it is often used as a reinforcing material to be compounded with other matrix materials, such as ceramics, metals, carbon, rubber, resins, etc. Does carbon fiber tube, as a common carbon fiber resin matrix composite product, also have the advantage of high-temperature resistance?

Carbon fiber round tube

The application of carbon fiber composites with ceramics as the matrix in the aerospace field can withstand temperatures above 2000 degrees Celsius. However, the high technology and cost make it difficult to realize industrial applications. At present, carbon-carbon composite materials are the most used high-temperature resistant materials, which are carbon fiber-reinforced carbon materials. The theoretical temperature resistance can reach 2600 degrees Celsius, and it is one of the very few high-end high-temperature resistant materials. However, this material needs to be isolated from oxygen to exert its performance, otherwise, it will fail at only 400 degrees Celsius.

The exploration in the field of high-temperature resistance of carbon fiber composite materials has been going on, and it plays a very important role in the fields of outer space, earth center exploration, and smelting. At present, carbon fiber composite materials resistant to thousands of degrees Celsius are mostly used in the field of national defense as a confidential technology, and there are not many applications in the civilian field.

Carbon fiber square tube

At present, resin-based carbon fiber composite materials are recognized as the most mature materials in application technology. Although they have the advantages of carbon fibers such as lightweight and high strength, since resin itself is not a high-temperature resistant material, resin-based carbon fiber composite materials The high-temperature performance advantage is limited by the resin. Generally, the temperature that resin-based carbon fiber composite pipes can withstand is between 200°C and 300°C, but it is sufficient to meet general daily needs.

If the performance of carbon fiber is used, but at the same time, it must withstand higher temptemperaturesen it is necessary to choose other high temperature resistant matrix compound. Such as carbon, metal, ceramics, and other materials, each composite material has its suitable use environment and industry.

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