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How flexible are carbon fiber tubes? Can it be bent?

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How flexible are carbon fiber tubes?

    Some friends have seen thinner carbon fiber plates or thinner carbon fiber tubes. They have good toughness and elasticity, and they will bend when shaken or swayed slightly, but this does not mean that the quality of carbon fiber tubes is not good. Carbon fiber composite material itself has a certain toughness, and it will be more elastic when the thickness is thin or the caliber is small. This kind of toughness has little to do with carbon fiber precursors, and mainly comes from resin materials. 

Can carbon fiber tubes be bent?

    Carbon fiber tubes with smaller diameters can be bent at a certain angle, but carbon fiber tubes with larger diameters or thicker walls do not have this ability. At present, thermosetting carbon fiber tubes are mostly used. Once the resin is cured, it will form a stable shape with the carbon fiber precursors. It is impossible to bend it at a large angle. If the load limit is exceeded, the carbon fiber tube will break directly.

     So why are some carbon fiber tubes bent? In fact, this kind of carbon fiber elbow is not bent with straight carbon fiber pipes, but a curved mold is designed from the beginning, and the shape of the elbow is made by using the characteristics of carbon fiber prepreg to facilitate laying and cutting. Carbon fiber bent pipes are more difficult to make than straight pipes, but their performance is almost the same.

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