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How does the carbon fiber winding tube control the winding tension?

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                The tension will be affected by many factors. In addition to the material of the tape, the soaking time of the tape in the glue, whether it is completely dried, and the size of the tape itself will have a direct impact on the tension. In addition, the rotation of the magnetic powder clutch Moment is also one of the main factors affecting the winding tension.                     

 In the tension control process, it is necessary to ensure that the environment is closed. Based on the traditional PID control method and applying the fuzzy algorithm, a new fuzzy adaptive PID algorithm can be proposed. This algorithm can ensure the time adaptability in the winding tension control and can effectively reduce The emergence of errors making it extremely resistant to shocks. The deviation value before the algorithm adjustment was 7%, and after the adjustment, it was optimized to 4%, and the effect was ideal.

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