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How does carbon fiber help the Hangzhou Asian Games?

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     The much-anticipated 19th Asian Games opened grandly in Hangzhou on the evening of September 23. The Asian Games torch is 730 mm high and weighs 1,200 grams. The design concept is derived from the Liangzhu culture with a history of five thousand years of Chinese civilization. It is named "Xinhuo", which means inheritance. The torch is made entirely of recyclable metal and carbon fiber materials, and the internal fuel is propane, making it a safe and pollution-free combustion.

   Chinese sports companies provide sports equipment and service guarantees for the Asian Games events, and innovative applications of materials are developing rapidly. The competition bicycle provided this time fully integrates ergonomics and aerodynamics, achieving a key technological breakthrough in aerodynamic efficiency. The overall frame uses high-modulus carbon fiber, which greatly improves the overall strength of the frame.


    The world's first and internationally certified newly upgraded carbon fiber composite material is applied to gymnastics equipment, giving gymnastics equipment higher strength, portability and safety, which not only improves the quality of the equipment, but also effectively improves athletes' performance.

   The Fuxing Asian Games smart EMU specially built for the Hangzhou Asian Games uses a carbon fiber driver's console. Its main frame and load-bearing components are made of a new generation of high-strength composite materials, carbon fiber. After structural optimization, the driver's console ensures strength and stiffness. Lose 30% weight under the premise. In terms of technology, the surface of the carbon fiber driver's console is covered with high-hardness and wear-resistant matte transparent paint, which effectively prevents problems such as fiber exposure and easy scratching of the texture. By using new environmentally friendly resins, water-based adhesives and water-based coatings, the carbon fiber molding technology has been greatly improved, making the product more environmentally friendly.

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