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How do carbon fiber skis perform?

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         Nowadays, common ski materials include fiberglass and ABS plastic skis. But do you know about carbon fiber skis?

        At present, carbon fiber skis are not uncommon. Its overall performance is much higher than the steel we know, especially the strength and modulus are several times that of steel. It can effectively carry the huge load generated during skiing and protect athletes' ankles and knees.

How do carbon fiber skis perform1


       In addition, carbon fiber materials are very light, with a density of only about 1.7g/cm3. The weight of carbon fiber skis can be less than 10 kilograms, reducing the burden on athletes. They say travel light, and carbon fiber skis truly allow athletes to travel light.

       Sliding on snow and low temperature environment are a test for athletes, and it is also a test for snowboarders. Carbon fiber skis have good low-temperature resistance and will not break easily. They also have good creep resistance and will not shrink in cold weather.

      The carbon fiber skis produced by Future are exported to Europe and the United States and have received unanimous praise from customers from all over the world. Welcome to place an order.

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