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How do carbon fiber rollers perform in the textile industry?

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The textile industry needs to use rollers to press and transfer fabrics. The materials for producing rollers are stainless steel, rubber and aluminum alloy, etc., but considering that the length of the rollers may exceed 10 meters and the diameter exceeds 1500mm, metal rollers The weight of the shaft is too large, and the rubber roller shaft cannot rotate at a super high speed, so the lightweight and durable carbon fiber perfectly solves these problems. Let’s talk about the high-quality performance of the carbon fiber roller shaft in detail.

 Textile carbon fiber rollers are durable

         There are many industrial solvents in the textile industry, such as dyeing agents, etc. These solvents may have various properties, such as acidic, alkaline, corrosive, etc. When the rollers are in contact with them, they will naturally be affected. Traditional metal rollers are subject to oxidation, rust, and acid-base corrosion. Carbon fiber rollers are significantly better than metal rollers and rubber rollers in this regard.

Textile carbon fiber rollers are lightweight

         Due to the low density of carbon fiber composite material itself, only about 1.6g/cm3, which is half lighter than aluminum, the rollers used for textiles are usually larger in size, and the weight of carbon fiber rollers is 1/5 of metal and 1/5 of aluminum alloy. /2. The reduction in weight brings about a reduction in inertia, and the power consumption required for the start and stop of the roller shaft is also reduced by more than half, saving a lot of investment from the perspective of production energy consumption.

Textile carbon fiber rollers have high strength

    Blindly reducing the weight cannot completely solve the negative effects brought about by the increase in speed, which is the strength test faced by the roller shaft. If the speed is too fast, the centrifugal force will increase, and the strength of the roller itself will not be strong enough, which may cause damage. The tensile strength of the carbon fiber roller shaft can reach more than 3000MPa, which is 6 times that of steel, and can support the postgraduate entrance examination faced by high-speed rotation.

Textile carbon fiber rolls last longer

    In the long run, the production efficiency and post-maintenance cost of carbon fiber rollers are higher than those of metal and rubber rollers. Textile enterprises can decide whether to replace carbon fiber rollers according to their own economic conditions and future plans. After all, the price of carbon fiber rollers Still relatively high. 

    Because of its excellent performance, carbon fiber rollers are not only favored in the textile industry, but also play a good role in improving traditional industrial manufacturing such as papermaking and printing. They are rare high-quality industrial parts.

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