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How can glass fiber composites help the development of RV?

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Glass fiber-reinforced composite materials are widely used in the manufacture of self-propelled RVs and camping RVs. Lightweight and very strong, high-quality performance and high load-bearing capacity make them the inner and outer cladding layers of RV roofs and compartment walls. Excellent material and floor covering material.

The fabric composite material has good mechanical properties and optical properties at the same time. It can be processed with high-gloss surface or frosted matte surface, and it can also be processed into a warm light yellow color. This structural system can be built to be light and insulated, and its smooth surface is easy to clean. Another advantage is: its special hardening treatment method, used in the RV will not emit the uncomfortable smell of ordinary plastic materials.

For the floor structure of the RV compartment, lightweight is always an important issue. Heavier wooden floors, which tend to absorb moisture and become moldy, can now be sandwiched by covering thin planks with a composite material. By using this sandwich structure materiall, the The amount of wood used can be greatly reduced or even eliminated.

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