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How are carbon fiber shaped parts made?

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With various excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, fatigue resistance, high strength, light weight, and strong processability, carbon fiber has begun to gradually replace traditional profiles in some fields, and has begun to penetrate into various fields.

Carbon fiber special-shaped parts are objects made of carbon fiber with irregular shapes. In some products or equipment, not all parts are composed of standard parts, and there are also a large number of special-shaped parts.

For special-shaped products with complex shapes, it is necessary to design a three-dimensional drawing in the early stage, and then make a specially processed mold according to the drawing; After the mold is made, the carbon fiber prepreg can be laid; After the prepreg is laid, it is sent to the curing molding equipment for processing. A series of processes such as temperature and pressure will finally produce finished carbon fiber special-shaped parts.

Compared with the special-shaped parts made of other structural materials, the most prominent advantage of carbon fiber shaped parts is light weight, which benefits from the fact that the density of carbon fiber composite materials is only 1.6g/cm3, which greatly reduces the weight of the product. It also has excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging performance, which means that the service life of carbon fiber shaped parts will be extended.

              At present, the demand for carbon fiber special-shaped parts in industries such as drones, auto parts, and robots has increased significantly. Future Composites has very rich experience in processing special-shaped carbon fiber parts. Welcome to consult us.

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