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How are carbon fiber rods made?

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Carbon fiber rods are drawn by mixing continuous carbon fibers with epoxy resin through a heated forming die known as pultrusion. Pultrusion is similar to the extrusion process for aluminum and thermoplastics. Through this process, a continuous length of carbon fiber rod with a constant cross-section can be manufactured, which remains constant and assumes the shape of the mold. As the carbon fibers are pulled through the mold and impregnated with epoxy, the heat of the mold causes the resin to begin to cure.

Carbon fiber rods manufactured by pultrusion with straight and parallel fiber alignment, high axial strength and stiffness, smooth surface,the section size can be strictly controlled and infinite length can be realized.

The extrusion process produces straight rods, rigid rods, and lightweight rods with a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Like all carbon fiber products, carbon fiber rods have a high specific stiffness-to-weight ratio. Since most of the carbon fibers run along the length of the rod in the 0° axis, they also have excellent linear strength.

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