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How are carbon fiber lifters made?

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Carbon fiber has the characteristics of high strength and low density, which is an ideal lifting rod material. The forming process of carbon fiber lifting rod usually adopts the manufacturing technology of composite materials. Composite materials are materials composed of fiber-reinforced materials and matrix materials, among which fiber-reinforced materials are the main components of carbon fibers.

The manufacturing process of carbon fiber lifting rod mainly includes prefabrication, curing and post-processing.

First, the pre-designed lifting rod shape is processed into shape, usually by manual winding or automatic winding. Manual winding is winding the carbon fiber yarn on the mold according to the predetermined angle and number of layers to form a rod-shaped structure. Automatic winding is to use mechanical equipment to automatically wind carbon fiber yarn on the mold.

Put the wound rod-shaped structure into a curing furnace for curing. During the curing process, according to the predetermined temperature and time, the resin in the material is cured, so that the fibers and the resin are closely combined to form a strong composite structure. After curing, take out the rod-shaped structure, and carry out post-processing, such as trimming, grinding, etc., to make it reach the predetermined size and surface smoothness.

This manufacturing technology can not only improve the strength and stability of the lifting rod but also reduce the weight of the lifting rod, to meet the requirements for lifting devices in different fields.

After inspection and quality control, the carbon fiber lifting pole can be put into use. During use, attention should be paid to keeping the lifting rod clean and regularly inspected to ensure its normal operation and service life.

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