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Glass fiber and carbon fiber hybrid composite products

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In the composite material family, glass fiber and carbon fiber are usually used for performance comparison due to the similar process and substrate in the application process. Carbon fiber products refer to carbon fiber prepregs as raw materials, processed into material products that can meet the requirements of users through different processing methods. Although carbon fiber is superior to glass fiber in many indicators, it is also inferior to glass fiber in some performance and cost. In practical applications, the mixed-use of glass fiber and carbon fiber is used, which we call glassy carbon hybrid composite material. Many people are not familiar with this kind of hybrid reinforced composite material. The following new material will explain the performance and application range of this material.

Glassy carbon mixed fiber composites have excellent performance and suitable prices and are more and more widely used in various industries. Glassy carbon mixed products have the characteristics of high modulus, good toughness, cheap price, and light weight. In practical applications, it can be used as an upgraded substitute for glass steel materials, and can also be used as an optimized choice for carbon fiber products. Compared with pure FRP materials, glassy carbon composite materials can reduce the weight by about 40%, and increase the modulus by 80%. At the same time, compared with carbon fiber composite materials, the elongation (δ) can be increased by 30%, which reduces the overall cost of the product. The use of glassy carbon mixed fibers can make the structural design more flexible when making complex products, and the internal material structure adjustment can effectively solve the problem of local reinforcement and toughening.

At present, glassy carbon mixed fibers are widely used in the market, especially in the fields of construction, aerospace, and wind power, where specific products are processed and produced in batches; they are also widely used in sports and civil industries.

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