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Does carbon fiber board contain formaldehyde?

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        Carbon fiber panels do not contain formaldehyde. Through the knowledge of junior high school chemistry, we can know that the chemical formula of formaldehyde is CH20. Carbon fiber panels are made of carbon fiber composite materials, consisting of carbon fiber strands and resin matrix. More than 95% of carbon fiber raw filaments are composed of carbon atoms. The resin matrix is usually epoxy resin, bismaleimide resin, etc., and does not contain formaldehyde molecules.

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       In the same way, after analyzing the composition of carbon fiber boards, we can also conclude that commonly used carbon fiber boards are non-toxic. However, not all carbon fiber composite materials are non-toxic. Take carbon fiber ceramic composite materials as an example. This material will release toxic exhaust gas during the preparation process. In addition, it will cause strong irritation when preparing resin and demoulding machine. Sex smell.

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