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Comparing carbon fiber materials and metal materials, whether the mechanical properties are better

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          As a new material, carbon fiber material can better replace our traditional metal materials. Carbon fiber material is based on carbon fiber by adding reinforced resin and special performance materials, so that carbon fiber material has better mechanical properties. What are the specific mechanical properties of carbon fiber?

          Now the requirements for weight reduction are getting higher and higher. Among metal materials, aluminum alloy is a commonly used weight reduction material, and its density is about 2.7g/cm3. With the popularization of carbon fiber applications, the density after technical improvement is only It is 1.7g/cm3, which is a new generation of weight-reducing materials. It is widely used in some parts that need to be reduced in weight. While reducing weight, its mechanical properties are also very prominent, and the comprehensive indicators of specific strength and specific modulus are better than the existing ones. Structural material, also has outstanding flexural strength and shear strength. The biggest difference from metal materials is that carbon fiber has excellent designability, and it can exert its advantages as much as possible through reasonable design.

          The biggest difference between carbon fiber and metal material is that the strength of a metal material is generally given. Carbon fiber is an anisotropic structural material, and its performance is different parallel to the fiber direction and perpendicular to the fiber direction, so carbon fiber material can pass through. Reasonable layup design can give full play to the performance advantages as much as possible. For example, common carbon fiber boards have different performances brought by different layup angles.

          The tensile strength of commonly used T300 carbon fiber can reach 3500MPa, which is several times that of steel, and it is also better than most structural materials. At the same time, it also has bending strength and shear strength that some metal materials do not have, and the specific strength and specific modulus of carbon fiber materials. The comprehensive index is the highest among the existing structural materials, and it is an ideal substitute for steel, aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy.

          FUTURE is an experienced manufacturer of carbon fiber products, mastering advanced and efficient molding processes of composite materials such as molding, bag pressing, inflation, and winding. It also has more than ten kinds of processing equipment such as large-scale hot presses, autoclaves, hydraulic forming tables, imported CNC high-speed milling machines, etc., providing complete software and hardware facilities for high-performance carbon fiber products.

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