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Characteristics of carbon fiber running shoes

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Carbon plate running shoes The carbon plate rebounds fully after being bent, and provides sufficient strength when it is not bent, and the texture is very hard. Carbon fiber composite materials with light weight, good toughness and high strength can bring better rebound, support and torsion resistance to running shoes. The most obvious advantage is stable torsion resistance + increased propulsion, allowing you to save energy and increase your pace when running.

Carbon fiber shoes can be described as a combination of softness, lightness, elasticity, and transparency. A single shoe weighs only 220 grams and has excellent performance. The carbon plate of the whole palm is a shovel-shaped structure, which is light in weight and high in strength. Combined with U-shaped horseshoe molded foam, it conforms to the ergonomic design and fits the shape of the foot better. "Strengthen the legs before the game, and use high-end equipment during the game." For junior runners, as long as they strengthen their calf and ankle strength through training, they can enjoy the technological bonus brought by carbon plate running shoes during the game and surpass their daily performance. 

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