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Carbon fiber yacht hull performance advantages

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Carbon fiber composite materials can be used in yacht superstructures to reduce the mass of the superstructure and improve safety performance; used in yacht propellers to reduce the mass of the propellers, reduce fuel consumption and extend service life; used in masts and hull structures to increase the overall Strength; CFRP blades are not only lighter and thinner, but can also improve cavitation performance, reduce vibration, and reduce fuel consumption; they can be used as propellers and propulsion shaft systems in propulsion systems to reduce the vibration effects and noise of the hull; in machinery and equipment It can be used as a rudder, some special mechanical devices and piping systems, etc.

Composite materials are ideal marine materials due to their following properties:

`Easy to make streamlined and other complex shapes;

`Corrosion resistance is better than traditional metal materials;

`Can reduce noise generation by enhancing the stability of internal components under damping vibration;

`Can reduce radar reflection cross section to achieve stealth effect, non-magnetic

`Can greatly reduce the thermal characteristics of the ship;

`The matrix and reinforcement can be changed as needed to achieve specific goals.

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