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Carbon fiber winding process

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The carbon fiber winding process is a process in which the continuous fiber or cloth tape impregnated with resin glue is wound on the mandrel according to a certain rule, and then solidified and molded to become a composite material product. Divided into wet winding, dry winding, and semi-dry winding

1. Wet winding

             Wet winding is to directly wind the fiber bundle (yarn belt) onto the mandrel under tension control after dipping in glue.

2. Dry winding

             Dry winding is to use the prepreg yarn or tape treated with prepreg, which is heated and softened to a viscous state on the winding machine and then wound onto the mandrel. Since the prepreg yarn (or belt) is professionally produced, the resin content (accurate to within 2%) and the quality of the prepreg yarn can be strictly controlled. Therefore, the dry winding can accurately control product quality.

3. Semi-dry winding

            The semi-dry winding method is to add a set of drying equipment to remove the solvent in the dipped yarn after the fiber is impregnated and on the way to the mandrel. Compared with the dry method, it saves the pre-preg process and equipment; Compared with the wet method, the air bubble content in the product can be reduced.

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