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carbon fiber wind farm crew transfer vessel

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In response to the large-scale development of offshore wind power projects, maintaining offshore wind power has become a very important issue. We have specially designed a carbon fiber crew transfer vessel for offshore wind farms more than 20 nautical miles offshore. With the characteristics of carbon fiber and the excellent hull layout design of the vessel, personnel and equipment can be quickly, smoothly and safely transferred to the sea area to be operated. The fuel economy of carbon fiber ships can also minimize shipowners’ expenses in daily operations. The 36.7-meter ro-ro passenger and cargo fast ferry can accommodate 73 passengers and 8 standard vehicle units. This type of ship is designed as a multi-purpose ship to serve the passenger and cargo business in the island area and meet the various needs of this type of area in the area.

In terms of general layout, the ship follows our consistent excellent layout of high-speed passenger ships, providing a comfortable journey for passengers going back and forth. As a ro-ro passenger ship, with its strong carbon fiber deck, the ship can also carry a certain amount of family cars and can carry a 50-ton truck at a time.

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