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Carbon fiber wall tube for unmanned plant protection drone

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         The load of general unmanned plant protection drones is maintained at 5kg-20kg, which poses a challenge to the strength of the wall tube. Carbon fiber, which has the advantages of high tensile strength, low density, corrosion resistance, energy absorption and earthquake resistance, and stable chemical properties, can be used here. Show off your skills." The amount of carbon fiber used in the production of carbon fiber tubes directly determines its mechanical properties and value performance. Carbon fiber tubes formed by pultrusion, winding or blow molding are suitable for different body parts as needed, and can largely replace the use of aluminum alloy pipes in the body structures and parts of unmanned plant protection machines. Moreover, the production technology of carbon fiber pipes is quite mature and can produce various profiles through different molds. Not only can different wall tube shapes, lengths, wall thicknesses, etc. be customized according to individual needs, but also the surface can be selected during post-processing. Different methods such as 3K texture or spray painting can be used for packaging and beautification. At the same time, mass production methods can also effectively reduce product costs.

                    In recent years, unmanned plant protection drone projects have been widely used in developed countries such as Japan and the United States. In these countries, the cultivated land area covered by agricultural aviation operations exceeds 50% of the total cultivated land area. In China, the agricultural aviation operation area accounts for more than 50% of the total cultivated land area. The proportion of area is less than 2%, and the potential of agricultural aviation technology is huge. For this part of the UAV industry chain, it is crucial that materials can keep up with the speed of development. It is believed that with the further development of UAVs, carbon fiber composite materials, which have advantages in toughness and strength, will also come into play. play a greater role.

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