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Carbon fiber vacuum introduction molding process

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Referred to as VIP, spread "dry" carbon fiber composite material on the mold, then lay a vacuum bag, draw out the vacuum in the system to form a negative pressure in the mold cavity, and use the pressure generated by the vacuum to pass the unsaturated resin through the pre-laid pipeline Press into the fiber layer, let the resin infiltrate the reinforcing material, and finally fill the entire mold. After the product is cured, remove the vacuum bag material to get the desired product from the mold.

In a vacuum environment, the resin infiltrates the carbon fiber, and there are very few air bubbles in the product. The product has higher strength, lighter weight, relatively stable product quality, and reduces the loss of resin. Only one side of the mold can be used to obtain smooth and flat products on both sides. , can better control the product thickness. It is generally used in radar shields in the boating industry, bla,des and nacelle covers in wind power energy, and various roofs, windshields, and carriages in the automotive industry.

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