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Carbon Fiber Vacuum Autoclave Forming Process

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    The composite material blank formed by laying up the single-layer prepreg according to the predetermined direction is placed in the autoclave, and the curing process is completed under a certain temperature and pressure. Autoclave is a special pressure vessel that can withstand and regulate a certain temperature and pressure range. The blank is laid on the surface of the mold with a release agent, and then covered with porous anti-sticking cloth (membrane), absorbent felt, air felt, sealed in a vacuum bag, and then put into an autoclave. Before heating and curing, vacuum the bag to remove air and volatiles, and then heat up, pressurize, and cure according to the curing system of different resins. The formulation and implementation of the curing system is the key to ensuring the quality of autoclave molded parts.

    The vacuum autoclave forming process has many advantages. Not only can it cure laminates of different thicknesses and manufacture parts with complex curved surfaces, but its mechanical properties are also very reliable. The size of the tank is limited and the energy consumption is high, resulting in high operating costs.

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