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Carbon fiber unidirectional cloth

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Carbon fiber reinforced unidirectional fabric (CFRP) is mainly used to reinforce beams, columns, walls, floors, piers, and beam-column structural points of building components. Future selects high-quality high-strength carbon fiber and processes it into a carbon fiber unidirectional fabric through special technology. It has the characteristics of uniform and straight carbon fiber distribution, small thickness deviation, and easy resin penetration, so that the reinforcing effect of carbon fiber can be fully and effectively exerted.

Advantages of carbon fiber unidirectional cloth for structural reinforcement:

·Light weight, density is only 1/4 of steel.

·High strength: The coating is about 1mm thick, which can achieve a reinforcement effect without basically increasing the weight and cross-sectional size of the original structure.

·Strong applicability: It can be used to reinforce various building materials such as concrete, masonry structures, and wooden structures.

·Corrosion-resistant, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, salt-resistant, and able to withstand various harsh environments.

·Convenient construction. No large machinery or fixed facilities are required. There is no wet work and the construction efficiency is high.

·Good flexibility and can cover components with complex shapes. It is tightly integrated with the components and can be operated in a small space.

·No pollution, non-toxic and tasteless.

·Strong earthquake resistance

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