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carbon fiber umbrella

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     With the development of science and technology, umbrellas are constantly being introduced, from the oil-paper umbrellas of the old days to the wide variety of umbrellas now. Umbrella ribs are an important component of umbrellas. The most common umbrella ribs on the market are made of iron and aluminum alloys. Iron frames are hard and difficult to break, and have good wind resistance, but they are prone to rusting over time; aluminum alloy frames and resin frames are relatively light and portable, but are prone to bending and breaking when exposed to strong winds or other external forces.

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   The umbrella frame made of carbon fiber weighs less than 300g and has the characteristics of lightweight, good rigidity, high strength, good processing technology, and excellent decorative effect. It also has excellent anti-flaking corrosion and anti-stress corrosion cracking properties, fracture toughness, and fatigue strength. The umbrella frame made of high-strength carbon fiber material has a 10-year warranty and is durable; in terms of design, it is lighter and stronger than an aluminum pole umbrella, and more resistant to damage than an iron pole umbrella. Carbon fiber umbrellas can achieve the perfect balance between lightness and durability.

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