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Carbon fiber tube wet winding

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          The winding molding process is to wind continuous fibers (or cloth tapes, prepreg yarns) soaked in resin glue onto a mandrel according to a certain rule, and then solidify and demould to obtain the product. According to the different physical and chemical states of the resin matrix during fiber winding molding, it is divided into three types: dry winding, wet winding and semi-dry winding.

          Today we will learn about wet winding.



           Wet winding is to soak the fiber bundles (yarn tape) in glue and then directly wind them onto the mandrel under tension control. The advantages of wet winding are: ① The cost is 40% lower than that of dry winding; ② The product has good air tightness because the winding tension causes the excess resin glue to squeeze out the bubbles and fill the gaps; ③ The fibers are arranged in a parallel manner; ④ During wet winding, the resin glue on the fiber can reduce fiber wear; ⑤ High production efficiency (up to 200m/min). The disadvantages of wet winding are: ① Large waste of resin and poor operating environment; ② Glue content and finished product quality are difficult to control; ③ There are fewer resin varieties available for wet winding.

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