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Carbon fiber semi-dry winding molding process

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Semi-dry winding is to add a set of drying equipment to remove the solvent from the impregnated yarn after the fibers are impregnated and on the way to the core mold. Compared with the dry method, the prepreg process and equipment are omitted; Compared with the wet method, the bubble content in the product can be reduced.

Among the three winding methods: dry winding, wet winding and semi-dry winding, wet winding is the most commonly used; dry winding is only used in high-performance, high-precision cutting-edge technology fields.

Advantages of carbon fiber winding molding

① The winding law can be designed according to the stress condition of the product, so that the strength of the fiber can be fully exerted;

②High specific strength: Generally speaking, the weight of fiber-wound pressure vessels can be reduced by 40 to 60% compared with steel vessels of the same volume and pressure;

③High reliability: Fiber-wound products are easy to achieve mechanized and automated production. After the process conditions are determined, the quality of the wrapped products is stable and accurate;

④High production efficiency: mechanized or automated production requires fewer operators and the winding speed is fast (240m/min), so labor productivity is high;

     ⑤ Low cost: On the same product, several materials (including resin, fiber and lining) can be reasonably selected and then compounded to achieve the best technical and economic results.

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