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Carbon Fiber Scoop Stretcher

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Because of its excellent characteristics, carbon fiber is used in medical rescue and has made great contributions to Hummer.

Parameter detailed description

1. Expanded size (length*width and height): 202*44*6CM

2. Folded size (length*width*height): 117*44*6CM

3.Dead weight: 4kg

4. Load bearing: 250kg

5. Packing size: 168*46*8cm

Packing weight: 6kg

What are the specific advantages of carbon fiber stretchers?

1. Made of carbon fiber material, extremely light weight and strong carrying capacity.

2. The stretcher can be quickly shoveled into or pulled out from under the patient without moving the patient in place, reducing secondary damage to the patient.

3. There are clutch devices at both ends to separate the stretcher into left and right parts.

4. Can transmit X-ray, CT and MRI.

5. The length of the stretcher can be adjusted according to the patient's length.

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