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Carbon Fiber Rope

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Carbon fiber rope series products are made of 3K carbon fiber tows as raw materials, woven through a special process, and then subjected to low-temperature to high-temperature surface heat treatment of nearly 2000°C under nitrogen protection. They have been successfully used in quartz electric heating tubes and are different from metal wires. , halogen and other traditional electric heating tube high-tech products, which can be widely used in industrial, civil, medical and other drying, heating, health care, electroplating and other fields.


Carbon Fiber Advantage

Good electrical and thermal conductivity

High electrothermal conversion efficiency, significant energy saving effect.

High thermal radiation directivity, which can improve the design of directional thermal radiation.

Strong acid resistance, corrosion resistance and cold and hot fusion resistance.

Long service life, up to more than 6,000 hours - ---High infrared radiation efficiency

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