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Carbon fiber prepreg production process

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          Carbon fiber prepreg is a material commonly used in composite material manufacturing, and its production process usually includes the following steps:

1. Fiber pretreatment: The original carbon fiber is subjected to physical or chemical treatment to remove impurities and improve surface activity, thereby improving the mechanical properties and durability of the prepreg.

2. Resin formulation: The resin, curing agent, and other additives are mixed in a reactor to form the basic recipe for prepreg. These additives can control the flow, hardness, temperature stability, and other characteristics of the prepreg.

3. Coating: Place the pretreated carbon fiber on the coating machine, apply the resin formula evenly to the surface of the carbon fiber by spraying or brushing, and make sure there are no air bubbles or voids in it.

4. Curing: The coated carbon fiber is sent into an oven or an ultraviolet curing device for curing so that the resin is fully cured and fully bonded to the carbon fiber.

5. Cutting: The cured carbon fiber prepreg can be cut into various sizes and shapes to meet different composite manufacturing needs.

          The above is the production process of carbon fiber prepreg. It should be noted that during the production process, the operating temperature, humidity, and process parameters of each link need to be strictly controlled to ensure the stable performance and quality of the prepreg. In addition, for different application fields and requirements, the formulation of prepreg also needs to be specially adjusted and optimized.

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