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Carbon fiber pickleball racket brings you the charm of fashionable sports

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In terms of materials used for pickleball paddles, they were initially made of wood, then impregnated paper honeycomb, lightweight plastic boards, and now carbon fiber composite honeycomb boards, which are both lightweight and hard, leading a new fashion trend in pickleball sports.

The pickleball racket honeycomb panel is composed of a honeycomb core and two layers of surface skin. It is a typical honeycomb sandwich lightweight structure. The honeycomb core is made of hexagonal honeycombs welded online with fibers. The size and strength of the honeycombs can be adjusted to match the strength of the pickleball attack. This continuous production model reduces costs, is suitable for mass consumption, and promotes the rapid popularity of pickleball. The upper and lower surface skins are made of high-performance resin-coated carbon fiber, which is solid-phase formed under high temperature and pressure to form an ultra-thin hard material with no volatile odor. The texture is hard and the overall performance is comparable to aluminum alloy. While being as light as possible, it remains rigid and gives the pickleball a good rebound height.


1: Light weight and high strength;

2: High modulus,

3: The noise of hitting the ball is lower than that of fiberglass;

4: The rebound force of hitting the ball will be higher than that of fiberglass.

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