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Carbon fiber medical headrest

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Carbon fiber is a high-performance structural material that has been used in many structural parts. Nowadays, medical equipment is also favored to be made of carbon fiber materials. The carbon fiber medical headrest is a medical head made of imported carbon fiber and has ultra-high X-ray transmittance. Trust.

The aluminum equivalent is a parameter that measures the X-ray transmission performance of a material. The smaller the aluminum equivalent, the better the X-ray transmission performance. The aluminum equivalent of carbon fiber materials is smaller than that of traditional manufacturing materials, and has excellent X-ray transmission performance and low X-ray transmission. The radiation absorption rate can not only meet the requirements of use, but also reduce the harm of X-rays to clinicians and medical staff. Carbon fiber is a non-metallic material with low electrochemical activity. Corrosion such as alcohol, drugs, and blood stains during diagnosis and treatment will basically not cause damage. The carbon fiber medical headrest is light, thin and comfortable to use.

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