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Carbon fiber marine propeller performance advantages

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1.Light weight

        Compared with stainless steel, the density of carbon fiber composite materials is only about 1.7g/cm3, which is only 1/4 of the former. Choosing carbon fiber materials for some non-core load-bearing parts can reduce part of the dead weight, which is very beneficial for driving.

2.High strength

        Stainless steel has high hardness, but not high strength. The strength of carbon fiber composite materials can reach more than 3500MPa, which is more than 5 times that of stainless steel. The strength of high-grade carbon fiber used in military ships can be even higher.

3. Corrosion resistance

       Once a ship is launched into the water, it basically stays in the water all day long. Whether it is in inland waters or ocean waters, marine propellers will face corrosion problems. Even stainless steel will not be able to withstand corrosion under high humidity conditions. , and carbon fiber composite materials undoubtedly perform better in this regard.

4.Long life

       Within the load-bearing range, comparing metal and carbon fiber marine propellers, the latter has a longer service life. However, if the load-bearing range is exceeded, both will be damaged, and the damage to carbon fiber may be more serious.

       Carbon fiber can not only be used in marine propellers, but also in masts, decks, interiors, etc. In the marine field, wind turbine blades are also one of the very important applications of carbon fiber materials.

       Future is good at producing customized carbon fiber special-shaped parts and various industrial accessories. As long as you provide 3D drawings, you can get the high-quality products we provide.

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