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Carbon fiber high-speed passenger ship

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In the traditional concept, the pursuit of comfort in high-speed maritime passenger transportation is something difficult to achieve, but with the lightweight of the carbon fiber hull structure, this concept can also become a reality.

The lightweight and high-strength hull allows us to provide better outfitting for the ship with the same displacement, including using more exquisite interior design, choosing aviation-grade seats that are thicker than traditional seats but more comfortable, and having extra The structural space can be equipped with better insulation cotton. The lower weight allows us to choose more economical main engines and propellers. The non-corrosive hull greatly reduces the ship owner’s necessary maintenance expenses and is very suitable for seawater environments. mid-operation.

Carbon fiber high-speed passenger ship

The new generation of green carbon fiber high-speed passenger ships adopts a new structural design from the beginning of the design to reduce the weight of the entire ship and improve the efficiency of ship construction. The new energy power mode was considered at the beginning of the design, and a pure electric solution and ammonia were designed. Fuel power solutions. The lighter hull allows engineers to arrange larger-capacity batteries in the limited cabin space, further reducing the motor power required for ship operation and extending the ship's cruising range. The three 36m conventionally powered AERO ships that have been delivered are equipped with two 1081kW main engines and can operate at a service speed of 30 knots. We have designed a pure electric high-speed passenger ship solution for green shipping for this ship type. It can be equipped with a 4200kWh ferrous carbonate battery and uses two 900kW motors to provide a service life of 30 knots.

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