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Carbon fiber helps fly farther and more accurately!

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         Carbon fiber golf clubs are lighter and more flexible than metal clubs, allowing them to be hit faster and the ball travels farther. What's even more amazing is that carbon fiber clubs can ensure the flight direction of the ball by distributing weight.

         The golf supplies industry said that with the debut of carbon fiber materials, club materials have opened the "third era." Carbon fiber is a fiber made by heating and carbonizing organic fibers. It has strong impact resistance and heat resistance. Clubs made of carbon fiber are lighter and more elastic than metal clubs, making them the best choice for golf clubs.

       2024 will be the heyday for golf product companies to use carbon fiber materials. According to reports, golf equipment companies such as TaylorMade, PING, PXG, and Cobra are competing to announce the launch of carbon fiber golf products. In South Korea, PING, known as the "national club", also uses a large amount of carbon fiber in this year's new products. It is reported that PING's new product "G430 Max 10k" will use carbon fiber as the cover of the club head. In the past, PING only used carbon fiber covers for LS (Rospin), but starting from the new product, carbon fiber covers are used for all club heads.

      The reason why golf supplies favor carbon fiber materials is because they are obsessed with the pursuit of "lightweight". Carbon fiber materials, which are lighter than steel, can increase the swing speed of the club and increase the flight distance of the ball.

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