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Carbon fiber dry winding process

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       The winding molding process is to wind continuous fibers (or cloth tapes, prepreg yarns) soaked in resin glue onto a mandrel according to a certain rule, and then solidify and demould to obtain the product. According to the different physical and chemical states of the resin matrix during fiber winding molding, it is divided into three types: dry winding, wet winding and semi-dry winding.

        Today we will learn about dry winding


       Dry winding uses prepreg yarn or tape that has been treated with prepreg, which is heated and softened to a viscous flow state on a winding machine and then wound onto the mandrel. Since prepreg yarn (or tape) is professionally produced, the resin content (accurate to within 2%) and prepreg yarn quality can be strictly controlled. Therefore, dry winding can accurately control product quality. The biggest features of the dry winding process are high production efficiency, winding speed up to 100-200m/min, clean winding machine, good labor hygiene conditions, and high product quality. The disadvantage is that the winding equipment is expensive and requires additional prepreg yarn manufacturing equipment, so the investment is large. In addition, the interlayer shear strength of dry winding products is low.

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