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Carbon fiber diving fin laminate process

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         Diving fin laminate is a high-quality diving fin, which uses 3k 2/2 twill carbon fiber prepreg as raw material and is formed through high temperature and high pressure conditions, which can meet the needs of professional diving, free diving, snorkeling, fishing and hunting and other diving sports .

carbon fiber fins

The technological process of diving fin laminate is as follows:

1.Wipe the surface of the forming mold and the layup mold, and treat the surface of the forming mold with a release agent;

2.Lay the cut prepreg on the forming die according to the laying requirements;

3.Lay the isolation layer, the prepreg laminate, the isolation layer, and the upper plate sheet mold on the lower plate mold in turn;

4.One upper plate sheet mold is the lower plate mold, repeat step 3 for 1-4 times;

5.Close the upper plate mold;

6.Put the prefabricated samples into the curing device for curing;

7.Cooling for demoulding;

8.Process the prepared blank laminate according to the required shape

Features of carbon fiber diving fins: pure carbon fiber material, soft texture, strong toughness, effortless kicking water, and softness can be customized according to individuals.

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