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Carbon fiber cloth 300g characteristics and application range

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          Carbon fiber cloth 300g is one of the specifications of carbon fiber cloth. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Light weight, easy to process and shape, easy to use and transport

2. The density is higher and the mass per unit area is heavier

3. Not easy to burn and good flame retardancy

4. No smell, no pollution and environmental protection products

5. No deformation or melting under the temperature of 350-450 degrees

6. Good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance

7 surface roughness is small

8. Strong UV resistance

9. Higher tensile strength

10. The thickness of the product is small

11. More wear-resistant and longer service life than metal

12. Can be recycled and reused

13. It can be used as the matrix of composite materials

14. Can withstand pressure and impact better than FRP

15. It is an ideal insulating material

16. Has good thermal stability

17. Has a certain oil absorption rate

18. Lighter, more beautiful and durable than plastic

19. Can effectively protect the human body from radiation damage

Carbon fiber cloth is generally used in industrial fields, such as textiles, chemical fibers, metallurgy, machinery and other fields; it is also widely used in civilian fields. In the industrial field, it is mainly used for:

1. Industrial filtration:

Air filter element, oil filter element, etc.;

2. Industrial protection:

Anti-virus mask filter material, dust mask filter material, etc.;

3. Industrial packaging:

Cloth bag and frame material of bag filter, etc.

4. Other purposes:

High temperature flue gas filter material, high temperature resistant heat insulation cotton, etc.

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