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Carbon fiber casing of unmanned plant protection drone

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The main components such as flight control and GPS on the drone need to be wrapped by the fuselage shell. In addition to preventing corrosion from external chemicals, the shell can also reduce external wind field interference and improve the reliability and accuracy of the drone's performance. As the flight carrier of the entire flight system, the casing of unmanned plant protection drones generally uses high-strength and light-weight materials. Carbon fiber plates are composite materials preformed with carbon fiber and resin. They have a light specific gravity and are only one-quarter of the weight of steel. 1. Good flexibility, high specific strength, but the tensile strength is more than 10 times that of ordinary steel. It has excellent creep resistance and earthquake resistance, and has good durability and corrosion resistance. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt and It has a certain tolerance to the corrosion of the atmospheric environment, extending the service life of the drone. In addition to excellent performance, carbon fiber composite plates also have the characteristics of good flatness, high surface gloss, and elegant appearance in appearance, which is very suitable for the production of unmanned plant protection machine casings. As a manufacturer of carbon fiber composite materials, Future has provided many successful cases for many drone merchants. Its products include carbon fiber wall tubes, carbon fiber fuselages, etc. Over the years, relying on the unremitting pursuit of carbon fiber composite materials and the spirit of active experimentation, it has promoted the in-depth development of carbon fiber composite materials in the drone industry.

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