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Carbon fiber car bumpers are not just good-looking

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        The application of carbon fiber materials in automobiles has been very rich, from insignificant decoration to the core of weight-bearing carbon fiber. Today we are going to talk about carbon fiber car bumpers and see if they just look good or are actually practical.

 Carbon fiber car bumpers are laid up by hand

         Similar to other carbon fiber components, carbon fiber car bumpers usually use a hand-laid process. This is because the fiber orientation of carbon fiber is different, and its properties will also change. When applied to car bumpers, it needs to have a good energy absorption effect, especially the energy absorption effect in different directions.

carbon fiber car body1

         When laying down carbon fiber prepreg, it is necessary to choose the appropriate angle and number of layers so that the carbon fiber car bumper has sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. 0°, ±45° and 90° are the more commonly used angles. First determine the number of layers to be laid, and then determine the angle of the layers.

 Analysis of energy absorption effect of carbon fiber bumper

               Comparing carbon fiber bumpers with steel bumpers, the stiffness and strength of carbon fiber materials are higher than steel. After a severe collision, carbon fiber bumpers deform to a smaller extent and can absorb more kinetic energy, which is safer. It is also higher.

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