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Carbon fiber blades in unmanned plant protection drones

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The propellers on UAVs mainly provide thrust for fixed wings, but provide complete lift for multi-axis. Propeller blades of different materials and qualities will cause obvious differences in flight effects and endurance. . Traditional drone blades are generally made of nylon plastic, wood, fiberglass and other materials. The advantages of wooden propellers are light weight, easy processing, and low cost, but the disadvantages are cumbersome production process and low precision of finished products; the advantages of plastic propellers are light weight, easy processing, low cost, and high precision of grinding tools, but the disadvantage is strength Low and easy to break; the advantages of carbon fiber are light weight, high tensile strength, and friction resistance. Its disadvantages are that the material is brittle and cannot be repaired, is difficult to process, and has high production costs.

Currently, there are three main types of popular carbon fiber drone blades on the market: the first type is the ordinary carbon fiber drawing process, which requires mold opening during manufacturing. This type is mainstream and suitable for mass production, such as DJI’s Phantom series; The second category is composite carbon fiber technology, represented by DJI’s later folding propellers. Composite carbon fiber is light enough and hard enough, but the fractures are not as sharp as ordinary carbon fiber propellers. This is related to the aerodynamic propeller type, so the sound is relatively low when flying. Ordinary carbon fiber will be much smaller; the third category is the carbon fiber wrapping process, represented by the 15-inch carbon paddle. The carbon fiber is wrapped with balsa wood, which is expensive and only suitable for niche consumption.

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